Hiring club boats

Glasgow Kayak Club has a range of kayaks and canoes for use by its members. These include;

  • white water boats, play boats and polo boats stored at Pinkston,
  • sea kayaks (including a 2 seater), Canadian canoes, a sit on top and 2 surf boats stored all in Kelvindale
  • A range of flat water boats (mainly racers) stored next to the Canal.

When borrowed sometimes they come back, sometimes they don’t…

To regularise the situation please be aware of the following new conditions for borrowing boats for non-club trips.
These can be hired by Club members for non-club trips on the condition that;

  • It is booked in advance using the form below. It’s not hired out until you get a (positive) response, as your request may clash with the Club’s needs or some similar reason.
  • Please state what boat (or if you’re not sure, then what type of boat) you wish to take out, when you wish to take the boat out and when you will return it.
  • The charge for each boat is £5 per day. At present this charge will not apply to short (less than half day) local uses; for example on the Canal, at Pinkston or on the Kelvin. The Leny is not considered to be local…
  • Payment in cash either at the boatshed  or leave money in the cash box at Pinkston. In time we hope that payments can be made through the web site.

It is up to the borrower to make sure that the boat they take is suitable (both in type and condition) for the use they wish to make of it and is returned in no worse condition that it was take out in.