Welcome to our web site refresh.

New features include –

  • A new layout to make navigation easier
  • A login system for members.  Login is integrated with Facebook so you don’t need yet another ID and we don’t need to manage passwords.
  • An all new events system featuring
    • A single club calendar for sessions, trip, regattas etc
    • A new single booking system for events, both paid sessions and club trips
    • Event info includes a list of who has booked (visible to members only)
    • Members can view a list of their own event bookings
  • An online shop for subscriptions, merchandise (Tshirts etc), and storage fees
  • Club members can add comments to club blogs. Comments are visible to members only.
  • Private blog area for members only.

We have tried to set up logins for all members already.  If you click on the ‘login with facebook’ button, and your facebook registered email adddress is the same as the one we have, you should be recognised as a member straight away.  If not, it may take a couple of days to get you registered on the site as a member. The first thing you will notice as a member is a form at the bottom of this page to add a comment! Please use it to let us know how the website works for you.

Only authorized members can comment.

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