GKC Pinkston Schedule for 2017

Throughout 2017,GKC will continue to have an active schedule of club nights at Pinkston White Water Centre. These will be held on Tuesday evenings. Through the year, there are different club session types, which are summarised below. The scheduled dates for specific session types are shown in the GKC Pinkston Calendar – 2017 page.

Winter Season

From the start of January until End Feb, there will be GKC Pinkston sessions every fortnight, with the first session held on 10th January.

These sessions will be for activities of:

  • Open White Water Sessions (7pm – 8pm).

  • Flat Water (no coaching) (6:30pm – 8pm).

Spring and Summer Season

From 28th February to 7th November, the flat water sessions will be held on a fortnightly basis. Beginner & intermediate flat water coaching will be available.

White Water Sessions are scheduled with 3 sessions held over a (generally – but not always) 4-week period, cycling through:

  • Coached White Water Session

  • Open White Water Session

  • Supported White Water Session

  • No Session

Where clashes occur with the SCA Freestyle, this cycle is interrupted – so check the dates below.

Timing of the Spring and Summer Sessions will be:

  • White Water Sessions (7pm – 8:30pm).

  • Flat Water (6:30pm – 8:30pm).

  • Polo Training (6:30pm – 8:30pm).