Coached “Progression Sessions”

All flat water coached session take place at the flat water area at Pinkston.

Flat Water Progression Session 1 –

Introduction to the kayak, water and basic paddling.

  • Developing an active posture in the kayak, understanding your body position, posture, balance and points of contact with the kayak.
  • Developing the basic paddling techniques for forward paddling, reverse paddling, turning the kayak and (of course) stopping!
  • Gaining confidence in the kayak that (at first) feels unruly and unstable.
  • Feeling the freedom of moving across the water and navigating around landmarks.


Flat Water Progression Session 2 –

Develop more confidence and control.

  • Building on the basic skills learned to gain more control of the kayak.
  • Understanding the subtleties of the paddle stroke: where the forward power is applied, where the turning and control stroke is applied.
  • Using the paddle strokes to develop speed, manoeuvrability and control.


Flat Water Progression Session 3 –

Progressing to some more advanced paddle stroke and moving water.

  • Improving balance, awareness and anticipation that will increase your control of the kayak on the water.
  • Developing some more advanced strokes: Moving the kayak sideways with draw strokes and skulling strokes.
  • Reducing the risk of capsize with skulling strokes progressing to the skulling support stroke and the low brace.
  • Progressing to flat moving water in the more benign parts of the WW course outflow to begin to develop skills needed in river kayaking and sea kayaking.


White Water Progression Sessions

WW Progression Session 1 – Takes place at the White Water Course Outflow.

Introduction to moving water & gaining confidence in moving water.

  • Breaking into current to understand the connection between body and boat and blade.

  • Understanding the basic concept of ferry glides, get the initial feel of the water flow, the boat positioning, body positioning and boat movement.

  • Paddling upstream in flow, to begin understanding the water movement and links to body and boat position.

  • Progression of ferry glides the to develop relationship between the boat speed, angle of approach and changing forward energy to sideways movement.

WW Progression Session 2 – Takes place in the middle section of the White Water Course.

Starting to manoeuvre in white water and build confidence.

  • Further development of ferry glides, understanding the interaction between the flow and the boat.

  • Crossing the course in bigger flows, improving confidence and understanding.

  • Breaking in and breaking outs, understanding body position and connectivity with boat.

  • Paddling up stream to fine tune boat and understanding the flow.

  • Making predefined S-manoeuvres, more complex ferry glides and break ins and out, demonstrating improved interaction between body boat, blade and anticipation.

  • Run down course from middle to build forward dynamic paddling position.

WW Progression Session 3 – Uses the complete White Water Course, with emphasis on the top section.

Progressing to complete descents of the full course, with break outs and break in manoeuvres.

  • Get in at gate, build positive experiences, progress to normal get on point.

  • Use top feature to work on further progression of ferry glides.

  • Run all the way down course to work on forward dynamic paddling position to help understand the stability this gives.

  • Breaking the course down to individual eddies, building confidence and understanding of boat handing skills.

  • Understanding dynamics and interaction between water flow and boat shape.

Sea Kayaking Progression Sessions

Sea Kayaking Progression Session 1 – Takes place at the flat water area.

These sessions will be held if there is interest in holding these at Pinkston sessions.

Get in touch with the committee or post on Facebook.


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Sea Kayaking Progression Session 2 – Takes place at the flat water area.

Starting to…

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Sea Kayaking Progression Session 3 – Takes place at the flat water area.

Progressing to….

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