GKC accepted for charitable status

Glasgow Kayak Club has been incorporated as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization (SCIO) for the purpose of promoting the sport of kayaking.   This gives the club a legal status and opens new opportunities for fundraising.  There should be very little change in the normal operation of the club, but as we are now a legal entity members now have a legal responsibility to  act in the interests of the club…


Cancelling and paying for event bookings

We have added a new feature to allow you to cancel an event booking by clicking a link in the booking confirmation email.  Please note that refunds are not automatic and are not guaranteed, though we usually do our best. You can also pay for unpaid bookings from a link in the confirmation email, in case payment failed for any reason. And you can still either cancel or pay from…


New Constitution

We are proposing a major change to the club constitution at this year’s AGM.  This will allow us to apply for registration as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) which has several advantages for the club, including access to funding sources currently closed to us.   Members are invited to  check out the proposed new constitution and contact us with any comments or suggestions before the AGM.   Glasgow Kayak…


Annual General Meeting 2017

2017 Club AGM is being held on the 7th February at 7:00pm at Balbir’s Restaurant, Church Street.  (Please note previously announced time of 7.30 was incorrect!) As an incentive, some of the best Indian appetizers in Glasgow will be provided! If you have any items for the agenda or wish to be nominated or to nominate someone for a committee post please contact the club secretary or use the ‘contact…


Changes to bookings system

A few people have reported problems booking recently – mainly due to the high demand for places at Pinkston – so I have made some changes.  You will see a few wee differences when you book, but the main one is unpaid bookings will no longer appear on the list. If you pay successfully and your booking still does not appear, wait a bit and look again.  We rely on getting…


New Direct Debit option

The club now has the ability to receive regular payments by Direct Debit. This will be our preferred method for all regular payments such as subscriptions, storage fees, season tickets and training fees. See here for more details.


Season tickets available for Pinkston

The club has introduced a season ticket system for Pinkston for £120 per year, in addition to the current system of paying per session. This is a Better Than Half Price offer to regular paddlers. See here for details.


New form for hiring club boats

We have introduced a new online form for members to hire club boats for non-club trips. This should make the process easier for everyone. You can find the form here or on the ‘Members’ menu at the bottom of the screen.