Pinkston Organisation for 2017 – Volunteers Required

Pinkston 2017 Organisation – Volunteers Required

The position of “Pinkston Organiser” needs to be filled for the club and will be put forwards at the club AGM on Tuesday

The posting is to make a request for club members to volunteer for the following:

1.       Pinkston Organiser One person required to take on the role of organising the club Tuesday activities at Pinkston.  Some details are given below.

2.       White Water & Flat Water Coaching.  A number of paddlers able to coach in either of these areas.  The Pinkston Organiser will draw up a rota for the year.

3.       White Water Rescue Duties.  A number of paddlers willing to provide rescue at the WW course outflow during coached sessions.  The Pinkston Organiser will draw up a rota for the year.

GKC Pinkston Plan for 2017

For Pinkston 2017, the plan is to have:

1.       White Water Sessions cycling weekly through:

                                 i.            Coached Session,

                               ii.            Open Session,

                             iii.            Supported Session,

                              iv.            Week Off. 

2.       Flat Water Sessions run on the same evenings as the White Water Coached Sessions and Supported Sessions.

The big change from 2016 is that we (Glasgow Kayak Club) are running our own coached sessions, rather than sharing them with Monklands Canoe Club.  This means that, the club needs full cover from club members for the coaching and rescue roles.

Preparation for 2017

1.       All Pinkston sessions are booked for 2017.

2.       All 2017 sessions are on the GKC Calendar

3.       The GKC Website Pinkston pages have been updated with the 2017 details.


What remains to be done?

The first coached session is booked for the end of Feb.  For this date, the club needs to have the arrangements agreed for Coached Session & Supported Session. 

1.       A list of willing volunteers for Coaching and Rescue.

2.       Allocation of volunteers for each session.

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