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Having won division 4 last year (we drew a game, but didn’t lose any), and because the new SCA Polo Committee have re-arranged the divisional structure to introduce a series of development tournaments instead of the old divsion 4, GKC have been invited to enter the Scottish League in Division 2 this year.

Changes include a massive increase in the number of tournaments from 2 last year to 5 this year, with the last tournament set to be play offs between top 5 teams for the divisional title and promotion, and the bottom 5 teams for relegation.

We are currently working on getting a core team of 5 to sign up and pay Div 2 entry fees before the end of July so we can make use of the early entry discount, but we always welcome any new players who want to join the team at any time. We can (and like to) use substitutes during tournaments and can have up to 10 people registered for the team (if we can get that many and we all train regularly it means we can have full practice games in training), but there is no need to stop there if we end up with even more players we can enter another team in the appropriate division.

Polo training presently takes place every second Tuesday at the same time as the clubs coached/supported sessions at Pinkston. Now is  great time to start whilst the evenings are light and the water is warm!

GKC in division 4 at Dundee, Feb 2016
GKC in division 4 at Dundee, Feb 2016 (blue boats)

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