GKC Polo

Jim Wallis posted on Facebook –

I am going to start polo training/practice during the club Pinkston Sessions (alternate Tuesday evenings).
Anyone interested in Polo is welcome to come along and join in (including MCC members – can someone share this to them?)

The current setup we have at Pinkston is for WW sessions (0.5 hrs flat + 1.5 hrs WW) for £10 or Flat water session (2 hrs) for £5.

To get things rolling I will be booking WW sessions for myself but spending at least the first hour on the flat water doing Polo training, unless I am on my own in which case I will cut it short. The more people turn up, the more we can potentially do and I intend that once we have a core of keen Poloers, or if anyone particularly wants longer sessions from the start, we will use the full 2 hour FW sessions (unless other club members want to start using the FW sessions). If some people just want to spend half an hour and then go to the WW course that’s fine.

The club have boats and helmets, there are also a variety of buoyancy aids, spray decks and paddles in the container but you may wish to bring your own – for paddles the blade should be 5mm thick to avoid accidental injury. Anyone who cannot fit in the club polo boats can join in using a creek boat (club or your own), anyone with their own Polo equipment is always welcome.

We will start with boat and ball drills – I don’t expect to have enough people for practise games to start with, this means that no-one is going to push you in! We will in any case start playing with a no-push rule where there are beginners.


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