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  1. Lewis,

    I wonder if you could (on behalf of GKC) and as a matter of urgency send the following 2 letters on headed GKC paper (or 2nd best an email) to the CE and also to the Leader of Glasgow City Council. They need to come from you, they are fed up with me…

    Could you or Andy add a couple of photos, one showing a (large) group of kayakers on the Clyde. Not sure of Club membership at the moment so left that bit for you to fill in. I’ve guessed 9 local clubs.. GKC, MCC, Drumchapel and 4 uni/college/school clubs.


    Annemarie O’Donnell Councillor Sue Aitkin
    Chief Executive Leader of the Council

    Glasgow City Council ditto
    City Chambers
    G2 1DU

    Bringing life to the River Clyde in the Heart of Glasgow.

    The once busy Clyde is now an empty stretch of water in the heart of Glasgow. It has the potential to be used (or more used) by smaller craft such as kayaks, canoes, sailing dingy’s and smaller motor boats. The City Council made a great start to assisting this with their £2 million investment in the slipway constructed at Kelvin Harbour. I should add that this is the only public slipway on the Clyde upstream of Erskine.

    The vital item missing From Kelvin Harbour is storage space. Boats have to be taken from wherever they are kept, loaded on cars or trailers, unloaded in the car park, carried to the slipway and launched. The whole process having to be reversed at the end of the day. This automatically excludes those who don’t have their own transport or don’t have sufficient time to undertake this lengthy and arduous operation.

    The need for storage space near to the slipway is getting more urgent as the pace of development in the vicinity increases. Unfortunately initial approaches to the Council have not been encouraging and the proposed new footbridge is very much bringing the situation to a head. A few years from now the banks of the Clyde will be thriving but the River will still be an empty space. As part of the planning process could an area near to the slipway be reserved for boat storage? From past experience this also gives an added interest for tourists and others visiting/using the area.

    As background information Glasgow Kayak Club has doubled in size in the last 5 years and now has over 100 members??? and is one of 9? kayak clubs in the area. I also attach a couple of photographs taken on recent GKC trips on the Clyde.

    Lewis Smith


    Glasgow Kayak Club

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